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Established in June of 2010, Edison is a blog focusing on the world of photography. We partner with some of the best vendors in the photography space to provide you with informative gear, tools, and other products you might need to succeed. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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90 degree clamps

These are handy and useful, whenever you can work with the INSIDE of of a project. I have found them to be useful on projects that include but are not limited to: making canvases for painting, frames for highlighting work, raised beds (vegetables or flowers), creating trays and boxes/furniture. These are for small projects, you…

OBD2 auto diagnostic

Connected to my iPhone 7 via Bluetooth with no issues. I was able to use my mobile phone (and the device) to see why the check engine light came on my 1999 Ford F150 Truck. This device also allowed me to clear the check engine light. That is, perhaps, my favorite feature. It’s not as…

Mouse Trap

These traps are cheap but functional. We use them and through them out with the dead mouse. It’s not worth the hassle to remove the dead mouse. The “cheese” area is plastic and comes off from the metal easily. It snaps back on just as easily. Most of the time these traps kill the mouse…


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