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  • Paint Brushes

    Paint Brushes

    I never have enough paint brushes. They get junky, used up, worn out and lost. I choose this set because it has versatile brushes in basic shapes for simple paintings. I was very happy to see that the bristles are even and soft. I have tried them with acrylic paint, oil paint and watercolors. The…

  • Candle kit

    Candle kit

    Growing up, I watched my mother making candles of all different types. I have wanted to experiment with making candles for a while. When I ran across this starter kit, I jumped on it. Everything I need to see if making candles is as fun as I remember. I am happy to report that it’s…

  • Bass wood sheets

    Bass wood sheets

    Each sheet is sanded and ready to prepare for your project. I’m very happy I chose an option with multiple sheets at the rate I am going, I will probably need all five because of my mistakes. It’s perfect that they are the same shape, size  and thickness. Working with bass wood is much easier…