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  • Mouse Trap

    Mouse Trap

    These traps are cheap but functional. We use them and through them out with the dead mouse. It’s not worth the hassle to remove the dead mouse. The “cheese” area is plastic and comes off from the metal easily. It snaps back on just as easily. Most of the time these traps kill the mouse…

  • clear envelope bags

    clear envelope bags

    Perfect for protecting my unique hand drawn cards and note cards that I sell. This allows individuals to look through the cards I have available without damaging any of my work.

  • Screwy Dinosaurs

    Screwy Dinosaurs

    These area larger size of the toys that came in Kinder Eggs when I was a child. These are perfect for keeping nieces and nephews busy while I am working. There are two screwdrivers in the pack of four dinosaurs, some stickers and Dino washable tattoos. I love the idea of screws instead of snapping…

  • Key chain self defense

    Key chain self defense

    First of all, I wanted to say this mold is great, I really do like it! The size is perfect for keychains and they make adorable gifts, especially from extra project resin. However, I have found, that if you fill the mold to the very top edge, when it cures it can (more than not)…